1. whatEVER.

  2. a magic woman (nancy)

  3. illustration for the ydn, dedicated to all the brave lsat warriors out there

  4. watercolor sketch of my friend annelisa

  5. po ta to (es)

  6. anya among the flowers

    (“I love it when people come back every week and buy our flowers to put in their houses”)

  7. hi tumblr, comics are chugging along and I am still alive, in Jerusalem, the wildest and holiest city of them all. in addition to people-comics and self-indulgent journal comics (both possibly to come) I’ve also been running around doing little plein air watercolors which are very fun.

    here’s the garden tomb, photo cred to my phone. where jesus might have been buried. i wept a bit, painted a bit, met a guy who’s making a life-size replica of it for a church in kentucky.

  8. [tel aviv art museum]

    [not that i’m one to moralize about how one ought or ought not to consume art, or if it is worth consuming at all. but this guy was great.]

  9. I’ve been in Tel Aviv for five days, and this city is crazy. I came here intending spend my time drawing this city and its people, but these people and their stories—they are drawing me in. 

    This city, this country, is so beautiful and messy. This land has seen so many people, so many families and souls and lives and deaths. People here (Israelis, Muslims, Palestinians, Jews, Christians) have buried their hearts in this land and grown roots deeper than I’ve ever seen.

    I’ve been making good progress on what I want to do this summer (see photo above). I’ve been meeting people and collecting their stories and compiling a bunch of comics about the people who live here, and around here (funded by Yale fellowships). 

    I am overwhelmed by the weight and beauty of the stories with which I’ve been entrusted so far—they are so precious, like gems. I came here convinced of the value of every human story because of the value inherent in every human, and I remain convinced. 

    Love from the holy land,


  10. **alien bride ooooooo**

    [my friend just got married! this isn’t her, though, ‘cause she doesn’t have blue skin]