1. digital painting / illustration for «this piercing story» (ydn)

  2. this was incredible! I have never been around so many women all at once who do what I do. it was empowering and exciting and inspiring. hello to all new friends! 

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo à tous

    ps see my fabulous photogenic cameo in the first photo—whee (in the white shirt with little squares)


    The 2014 Drink & Draw Like a Lady was a great success! Thanks so much to everyone who braved the rain to celebrate with all of these wonderful ladies in comics. Lisa Aurigemma took some fabulous photos of the event which you can see above and there are even more over on her Flickr.

    Thanks again to The Productive for hosting us, Work Made for Hire for being a partial sponsor, and everyone who donated their dollars or time or brought food and drinks to share! Hope everyone had a great time and can’t wait to see you all next year!

  3. oh hey heh heh good seeing you again tumblr! two items of business:

    1. I wandered across the 100 day happy challenge somewhere on the internet and decided to start making a real crappy happy comic about Yesterday EVERY DAY. day two has been completed. 

    (I’m also into this because of Michael Beirut’s 100 day challenge [http://observatory.designobserver.com/feature/five-years-of-100-days/24678/] which goes on at the yale art grad program. it sure can’t hurt to do something a lot, can it? Even something as self-absorbed as daily journal comics?) 

    2. AS CONVEYED IN THE ABOVE IMAGE, by the marvelous and miraculous grace of God and also two yale fellowships, I will be travelling around ISRAEL for SIX WEEKS this summer, keeping a sketch travelogue and making little life-story comics about people I meet. that’s the plan, at least. God willing. 



    well dang!

    [day two]

  4. "Undocumented," published in the most recent Yale Daily News Magazine

    I feel very lucky to have been entrusted with this friend’s story.

  5. i made you a grilled cheese

    edit: yes it is vegan cheese

  6. illustration for YDN about the relationship between neurochemicals and reading ability

    edit: the article is here

  7. (for «The New Journal»)


    (for danny, birthday boy and perpetual saltshaker inhabitant)

  9. ((journal-y sketchpad page)) 

    I would get a haircut everyday if I could

  10. logo for the Broad Recognition series on “encounters between feminism and science.”

    continuing to experiment with type.